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article 4/16/17

Dear Friends,

              With the Easter celebrations we move into the beauty of Divine Mercy Sunday and then into Pentecost. The Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead means that Christ is triumphant over all His enemies.  The Death of Christ restores us to God by forgiving us of our sins and the Resurrection opens for us the gates of Heaven.  So we might say that the Death of Jesus heals our past and the Resurrection of Jesus creates a new future for us.

As Christians, too often we don’t appreciate the magnitude of the Pascal Mystery.  Without the death of Jesus Christ we would still die in our sins with no hope of Heaven.  The Lord coming down from Heaven to save us was the only solution.  Man destroyed the relationship with God through the first sin.  It would be necessary for Man to restore that relationship.  But how could Man a sinner, ever re-create or better restore something that was not within his ability to heal?  Only a perfect Man could restore the purity of the relationship that existed before the fall of humans.  But this would be impossible now that all men and women are born with Original Sin.   So God had to do what humans could not.

St. Athanasius wrote in De Incarnatione, “God became man so that man might become a god.”  St. Thomas Aquinas taught that the reason for the Incarnation (God becomes man) was for the human race to enter fully into the Divinity.  God brings us into His family by adoption.  Think of it this way: in the best of all possible situations when a child is adopted into a family he/she becomes as much a part of the family as any other child.  It is true that by blood this is not so but by love it becomes true.  So it is with God.  Through the gift of Baptism and the Death and Resurrection of Christ we are brought into the family of God.  Only Jesus is son “by blood” but all of us are brought into the family by adoption through love.

So by taking on our flesh, the Second Persona of the Blessed Trinity created the only solution.  The perfect “God/Man”, as the Church Fathers say it.  Jesus Christ born of the Virgin Mary becomes the bridge that connects Heaven and earth again as it was meant to be in the beginning. Now not only has the ancient rift been healed but we are better off for it.  We have been brought into the love of Jesus Christ who forever will carry our human flesh and forever place us in a relationship with the Father that no other creature enjoys.   As St. Augustine says, “O happy fault that merited for us so great a Redeemer.”  From so great an evil that happened in the beginning God has brought out for us a greater good.  Let us acknowledge our sins, repent and be glad in the future that awaits us!

Fr Al