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2016 DF 39

Dear Friends,

In the last 20 years we have seen our nation move decidedly away from traditional Christian values.  A country has to grow and evolve; it can never be stagnant.  As Catholics we are convinced that the core values of the Gospel are essential to an authentic read of the human person.  If there is a better way, Jesus Christ would have given that to us.

In the Pledge of Allegiance we say “One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”  Here and in so many other ways the founding fathers and great people of our history threaded us back to God.  They knew that it was only through God that we would keep our bearings.  Already in the early days of the Republic, Christianity was diverse ranging from Catholics to Episcopalians to Baptists.  There were serious divisions but all agreed that God was an important element of our American identity.

I remember years ago when Europe began to forget and erase its Christian history and roots.  I remember thinking that this could never happen in the United States and yet here we are.  For the first time in our history statistics show a dramatic rise in people who describe themselves as atheists.  November elections provide us with a very complicated set of candidates to say the least which isn’t helpful.  There isn’t a clear front runner.  Polls say that many Americans including Catholics are confused and unsure as to who to vote for.

In a time when candidates don’t seem to inspire we have to look beyond them to party platforms.  I think this will be a great help.  It is the platform that is suppose to be the foundation of the party and the floor beneath a candidate’s feet.  A candidate agrees to the party platform and is duty bound to try his/her best to implement fully platform goals.

So here is my work and your work.  Find out what each party platform holds.  Then bring your Catholic values to the table.  Whatever party you vote for you are voting less for the candidate and more for the platform.  That candidate will work tirelessly to put into place those values.  However we vote we are responsible for the values of that platform.  Along with all the other decisions we make in life we will be held accountable and we should be.  This beautiful United States is too precious and magnificent to have it any other way and our decisions personal and otherwise make us who we are.

Fr Al