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2016 DF 34

Dear Friends,

Recently, British atheist Richard Dawkins was interviewed by BBC where he stated that religion promotes evil.  He was pretty black and white about it, no middle ground; nothing after death (You always have to be careful when people paint with too wide a brush). 

Faith and reason are twin pillars according to Catholic religion that co-exist for the good of each other.  Pope Benedict writes, “Faith, means knowing God as Love, thanks to His own love. The love of God opens our eyes and allows us to know all reality beyond the limited horizons of individualism and subjectivism which distort our awareness.   Indeed, although a mystery, God is not absurd. If, in contemplating the mystery, reason sees only darkness, this is not because the mystery contains no light, rather because it contains too much. Just as when we turn our eyes directly to the sun, we see only shadow - who would say that the sun is not bright? Faith allows us to look at the 'sun' that is God, because it welcomes His revelation in history.

God has sought mankind and made Himself  known, bringing Himself to the limits of human reason.  At the same time, God, with His grace, illuminates reason and opens up new horizons, immeasurable and infinite. Therefore, faith is a continuous stimulus to seek, never to cease or acquiesce in the inexhaustible search for truth and reality.

Intellect and faith are not foreign or antagonistic to divine Revelation, they are both prerequisites for understanding its meaning, for receiving its authentic message, for approaching the threshold of the mystery. The Catholic faith is therefore rational and also nurtures trust in human reason.   Knowledge of faith, furthermore, is not contrary to reason. In the irresistible desire for truth, only a harmonious relationship between faith and reason can show the correct path to God and to self-fulfilment.”

So, according to Benedict, there is no disconnect between faith and reason or  between religion and science.  True science must always support the truth about God and vice versa.  If God created everything, then science is dear to Him because it is the human search for meaning.  By exploring the world around and outside of us we do God honor. 

So enough wasted talk on how science is opposed to religion and religion to science.  Mr. Dawkins give up your prejudices and join the great numbers of believers who marvel at the wonders of creation while whispering a quiet Our Father.                   Fr Al