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article 05/28/17

Dear Friends,

As we prepare for changes in July I am certain that you will welcome Monsignor Tuan Pham with love and joy.  When a new pastor comes there is always a little nervousness.  What will he be like?  Will he understand us?  Will he love us? 

To these questions I can guarantee you that he will love you very much.  Monsignor has a pastor’s heart and he understands the great privilege of being named as the next pastor of St. Columban.  Having lived here years ago as a parochial vicar he has already established friendships and relationships.  He will bring his own enthusiasm and energy to the parish like he did to Holy Spirit in Fountain Valley.  He will have new ideas and plans and in this he and I are on the same page: he will continue the growth of St. Columban’s as a living community and a spiritual community.

What will you give Monsignor Tuan?  A great gift to him would be for you to welcome him with open arms and open hearts just as you did me.  Support him and encourage him as he gets acquainted again with the community.  Give him time to settle in.  The first month for a pastor should be one of just meeting people and figuring out where he is going to put his coffee maker!

There will be time to plan together the future of the parish.  Attending the pastoral council will be a great way to hear what your representatives have to say.  The council is always willing to hear from parishioners. Share your hopes with Father.  Even better, get involved now in one of our many ministries and be a part of this new chapter in the life of St Columban.  Work with Monsignor to shape and form the next few years ahead of you.

Finally pray for Monsignor Tuan so that he will guide the parish; open to the needs of the community and at the same time faithful to the Catholic faith.  Sometimes in these days, people want their priests to hold views that are opposed to Scripture and Catholic faith.  It is unreasonable to expect that a priest will support the moral disaster of our present society or a picture of Jesus Christ that is simply not authentic.  The Catechism of the Catholic Church remains a sure guide as to our identity, living in the world but not of the world as the Lord warned us.  Given to us by St. John Paul II, it remains the practical guide for Catholics built on the infallible Word of God.

If the community continues faithful to the Church, committed to the beautiful worship of God in the Sacraments, under the care of Mary and prayerful, reaching out to the poor and struggling, she will be blessed by the Lord. 

The greatest compliment I can receive is to see the parish thrive and grow into the future.  I know it will be a wonderful path ahead and I will be watching from Washington D.C. the beautiful light in California called St. Columban’s.

Fr Al