Annual Report July 2020-June 2021

Summary of Parish Ministries & Services July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021

We celebrate 10 Sunday Masses and 2 daily Masses every week. Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament 
takes place every Tuesday. We have Confessions Saturday mornings. Our priests schedule monthly 
visits to local retirement/ nursing homes to say  Mass.
Registered families/households:         6,795 Average Sunday Mass Attendance:          6847 Average 
weekday Mass Attendance:                  320

244  Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion
107  Lectors Daily and Sunday Liturgies.
110  Usher volunteers (at 10 Sunday and at Diocesan Liturgies)
80    Altar Servers
83    Funeral Liturgies
205  Infant Baptisms  - age 0 to age 6 ½
201          School    and    Religious    Education    Children  that  received 1st Holy Communion67 Sacrament of Matrimony

Our  Music  Ministry: enhances  our  Sunday  Liturgies  with: eight choirs/ ensembles, 325 choir 
singers, 25   instrumentalists.

School   of   Religious   Education:   English,   Spanish,
and   Vietnamese bilingual classes were offered for 674 children.

Saint   Columban   School:   Classes from Preschool through 8th grade are offered. There were 250 
students enrolled last year.  28    were   Preschool   age   and   27   were   in Transitional 
Kindergarten.  There  were  no  extra  curricular  activities  due  to the pandemic.

Confirmation & Youth Activities: 116 students received the Sacrament of Confirmation.

RCIA:  36  people,   including   children,   participated   in   our Inquiry   classes.   23  were  
baptized  at  the  Easter  Vigil  and  13 candidates    came    into     full     Communion     by  
receiving  the Sacraments  of  Confirmation  and Eucharist.
Adult   Formation:   Confirmation    formation    sessions    on Tuesday   evenings,    Parish    
Missions    which    included    English, Spanish  and Vietnamese speakers.

The Sick and Elderly are  visited  by  our  priests,  and  Extraordinary Ministers  of  Holy  
Communion  who  serve  local  hospitals,  nursing homes and residences on a regular basis.
Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick is administered  by  our priests to our parishioners. Our 
parish priests are assigned duty days and the duty priest takes the call day or night.
We have 5 busy Pastoral Ministries. They are Bereavement, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion to the Sick, Respect Life, St. Vincent de Paul, and our Saturday Lunch Program.
Each  Saturday  of  the  year,  we  provide  a  nutritious  lunch   for people  in  need  in  our  
community.  They  are  also  provided  with toiletries, clothing and food items to take home when 
available. We serve close to 100 men, women and children through the P.I.N. (Persons In Need) 

Use of your envelopes it provides funds for our St. Vincent de Paul Society who provide assistance 
with groceries  and  bread to  those in need . Food distribution is done on a monthly basis. We 
provide other forms of assistance to those in need such as rent and   utilities. We organize the 
annual Giving Tree toy collection at the  church  during  Advent  and  distribute  the  donated  
toys, along with grocery certificates, to families who would otherwise  do  without  at  Christmas. 
 Last  year  approximately 250 children received  toys  through  this program. This past fiscal 
year we have assisted over 1,287 families, 2,530 adults, and 2,497 children.