Faith Formation

Taize Prayer
A solitary chime marks the time.....
A darkened Church
Candle lit/cross/icon
A musical phrase, repeated, harmonized, bleeds
back into the stillness...
Psalms, petitions, reading lead to song and stillness
A musical phrase..
A solitary chime..
Join Us for an hour of Taize Prayer
7:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Third Monday of the month
unless stated otherwise in the bulletin.
Chants in English, Spanish and Vietnamese

MYTH:  It's only about the bible
TRUTH:  Real-life issues get disscussed in a scriptural context with an opportunity to make life time friends

MYTH:  I go to Church on Sunday's, isn't that enough?
TRUTH:  Jesus asks us to livve our faith all the time, Small Church Communities provide a much needed boost.


Small Church Communities:

Meet once or twice a month
Scripture is shared but not studied
Provides environment where joys/insights/concerns are shared.


If you would like to join a Small Group, please click here to print and fill out the form.You can return the form by putting in the Sunday collection basket or by returning it to the parish office.  Please feel free to contact Sister Bernadette at (714)867-1513 if you have any questions.


Lending Library
Come Check out a book or a DVD
at Saint Columban's Lending Library
Open Sunday's from 9:00am to 1:00pm
Stop by and check out our new releases!



Stewardship of The Earth Bible Study

Sister Bernadette with her afternoon bible study group.  They are discussing Stewardship of the Earth.  Sister Bernadette hosts bible study on Tuesday afternoon's and Thursday evenings.  For more information please contact Marge Tavarez at (714) 537-7384.



Our Taize Prayer service is trilingual we chant in English, Spanish and Vietnamese. Check our events calendar for dates and times of Taize Prayer.